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Aug 28
Elsinore Screen Connect Review: Screen Connect 1 Year Down the Road

​We reviewed Elsinore Screen connect a few months after we purchased it and gave it an excellent review. But does our love for the product stand the test of time?

Here we are 1 year later. We have been using Screen Connect to provide remote connection support to our clients. We are happy to say our love for this software has not diminished. In fact, it has grown stronger! We still love it!

Screen Connect is by far the easiest and most reliable product we have used. The server it is hosted on (Poweredge 850) has been running without a reboot since the day we installed it. The software has been extremely reliable; it has not failed us, not even once.

Connections have been reliable even when our T-1 has been slow at times. We have not have any problems with clients being unable to connect and it works great with Vista and Windows 7, even with the UAC turned on.

Overall we are extremely satisfied with Elsinore Screen Connect. Both the price and the quality of the software makes it unbeatable. We recommend Screen Connect to anybody who needs an easy to set up and easy to use remote control solution that does not dig into the bottom line every single month.

Here are some of the features we LOVE most about ScreenConnect:

1. The ability to restart the client computer in safe mode or selective startup while maintaining the remote connection. This allows us to remotely troubleshoot and repair systems with viruses, malware and hardware problems.

2. We own the product. There are no recurring fees. We bought the cow so we are not paying for the milk. 

3. The server was easy to set up. It took us about 20 minutes and required a minimal amount of reading.

4. ScreenConnect uses SSL to encrypt the connection between client and host. Since Elsinore has a list of clients that includes the U.S. Armed Forces, I feel safe using their product.

5. Connections are reliable even under slow link conditions. When a session disconnects, ScreenConnect automatically reconnects the session as soon as the Internet returns.

6. Remote control and screen refresh is fast. Even when using high resolution true color and under slow link conditions, screen quality is A+.

7. The software interface is highly customizable and integrates nicely into our Web site.

8. The ScreenConnect team is knowledgeable and service oriented. Elsinore is a company that understands client-vendor relationships and reputation.

9. ScreenConnect includes file transfer, video recording, on-line chat and a plethora of other features that are extremely useful.

10. You can connect to a variety of operating systems and work from a variety of smartphones.


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