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Managed IT Services

​​​Managed IT Services allows businesses to reap the benefits of a multi-discipline IT department, minus the high costs.  Considering how reliant businesses are on technology, companies that do not have in house IT staff should use managed IT services.

The Silver Plan is designed for businesses that  want to outsource simple task management services such as URL filtering and helpdesk support. The silver plan is recommended for businesses that make extensive use of the cloud, have a simple internal network or have in-house IT staff.

The Gold Plan is for organizations that seek a fully managed solution, have a complex infrastructure, and require high levels of security.

The Platinum Plan is for organizations that seek a fully managed solution, have regulatory requirements or require specialized levels of security.

Legend:    additionalsm.jpg ​Available as paid service       chkmrk.png Included





Helpdesk Phone/Remote Support chkmrk.pngchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Private Instant Messengerchkmrk.pngchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Web Content Filtering
Cyber Crime Awareness & Security Trainingchkmrk.png (Video)chkmrk.png(On Site)chkmrk.png(On Site)
Managed Firewallchkmrk.pngchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png

​​Network Printer Management

Managed Antivirus eset.jpg®eset.jpg®eset.jpg®

Backup and Restore + Monitoring

chkmrk.png chkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
SPAM filtering

(Outlook Only)

eset.jpg or SonicWall-SPAM Gateway.png®
(Outlook or Sonicwall/Exchange)

eset.jpg or SonicWall-SPAM Gateway.png®
(Outlook or Sonicwall/Exchange)
Server Maintenance Check​Quarterly​Quarterly​Monthly
Privare Cloud Storage & Cloud File Share additionalsm.jpg​10 GB/User​50 GB/User
On-Premise Support Discount0% 50%​75%
Equipment Loaner Servicesadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Managed VPNadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
​Managed Multi Site Connectivity and Bridgingadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
NOC Monitoringadditionalsm.jpgHardware Event Monitoring​Hardware, Software  + Security Event Monitoring
Managed ​Time and Attendanceadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Hosted ERPadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Relocations (within Dade County)additionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Teleconferencing Audio Bridgeadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Managed Domain Name and SSL Certificatesadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png 
Comodo STD+UCC
Comodo UCC+EV
Remote Access Two Factor Authenticationadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Patch Managementadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
​​Mirrored Redundant Serversadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
Upgrades and Migrationsadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
​​Intrusion Prevention and Detectionadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.pngchkmrk.png
IP Telephonyadditionalsm.jpgadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
​​Exploit Mitigationadditionalsm.jpgadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
​​Rogue Access Point Detectionadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Disaster Recovery & Business Continuityadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Local Desktop Two Factor Authenticationadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Exchange Granular Mailbox Recoveryadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
​​Service Monitoringadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Exchange Gateway Malware Filteradditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Geolocation IP Filteringadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Regulatory Compliance Support additionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Redundant Internet Routersadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
​​Gateway Anti-Malware additionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Mobile Device Managementadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
Secure Asset Disposaladditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
​Computer Proximity Lockadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
SIEM Event Management systemadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
MBSA Vulnerability Assessment Pen Testingadditionalsm.jpgchkmrk.png
On Site SLA​24 hours​8 hours​4 hours