Mission Statement: To provide our clients with enterprise-class IT management generally afforded only to large corporations. We are committed to speed and efficiency while always mindful of upholding our culture of privacy, security, quality of work and caring.

Stability: Falcon IT Services has been providing small and medium sized organizations in Miami with comprehensive Information Technology solutions since 2002. We are a long term partner committed to quality of service, security and relationship trust.

SecurityWe focus on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data and business services. Security is more than just keeping out the bad guys, it extends to the well-being of your data and business processes with which your organization relies on to work efficiently and without interruption.

Experience: Our help desk staff are IT professionals with college degrees and extensive IT experience. We provide them with ongoing training which ensures that they are apprised of the latest technology trends and security standards of excellence.  We specialize in Microsoft applications, servers, cloud technologies as well as open source and private cloud platforms. We are a Microsoft partner and a TechNet contributor with a gold achievement award.

Work Ethic: We believe in hard work; we do not bind our clients to lengthy contracts. We retain clients the old fashioned way: by providing them with an excellent value.

Responsive: We do not use  SLA-based call back systems. Our help desk staff address your issue when you need it most: right when you call. Our technicians take ownership of issues and see them through until fully resolved to your satisfaction. In an industry where some IT providers have 500 users per technician, we staff 1 technician per 125 users. This means your calls get answered quickly and there are no shortages of staff  during peak times. Most calls made to our help desk are answered by a technician within 1 minute.

ResponsibleWe provide a stable, professional and structured environment for both our employees
and our clients. We make use of broad policy and structured approaches to serve as regulators for security,
ethical behavior and conduct. Our company’s culture, policies and reputation are a reflection of the
commitment that we have to our clients as well as to ourselves.



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