Businesses that utilize hourly IT services forego security, responsiveness and proactive maintenance. Problems are a source of income subsequently making security and reliability unprofitable for the provider. Response times are slow and employees often spend time trying to figure out problems on their own. These intangible losses are often overlooked by organizations when assessing their IT costs.

Businesses that have small in-house IT departments find it difficult to employ and retain good IT managers. Experienced staff members are costly and often tasked with menial work for which they are overqualified. Frustrated, they seek employment in larger organizations. Single staff IT departments usually lack the complete skill sets required in today’s diverse technology field and end up contracting consultants, greatly increasing costs.

If your organization has between 10 and 250 users, contracting a managed service provider is the ideal solution for these types of problems. Falcon IT Services can provide your organization with a diversified portfolio of knowledge and services, ranging from help desk support to cyber security, at favorable prices. We can help you reduce IT costs while increasing security, reliability and efficiency. We are a managed network service provider who has been helping small and medium sized business since 2002.

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