What is the Falcon IT Services Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

Perimeter systems have been hardened after years of security patching, a direct result of increased scrutiny. Hackers no longer view the perimeter as low-hanging fruit and have shifted their attention to softer targets: end users. Employees are the primary targets of cyber criminals seeking to infiltrate critical business systems.  For this reason, employees must have cyber-awareness and play an active role in helping prevent cyber crime in the workplace.

Falcon IT Services offers comprehensive cybersecurity training to our client’s employees included as part of our managed service plans. Our cybersecurity training is designed to provide users with comprehensive cybersecurity training in three major areas of cyber-crime: physical security, phishing, and social engineering. It’s more than just a simple check-the-box training to satisfy insurance and regulatory requirements, our training program trains and tests employees, assesses their level of cyber awareness, and makes additional recommendations based on a holistic approach. In addition, our staff are tightly integrated into the process and help to identify users that may require additional training. The result is a program that helps your employees attain and refine the skills necessary to navigate the perils of what is modern cyberspace.

How to Get Started

1. Click here to enroll in the cyber security awareness training program.

2. This program is not intended to simply check off the I took the course box. In order to pass the exam, you will need to pay careful attention as it requires critical thinking, NOT rote learning or memorization. The exam answers are not found in the videos; they only provide the knowledge and thought process necessary to analyze and answer the exam questions.

Click on each module link below to view its study materials.

3. Check the events calendar to find the dates of the next available proctored on-line exam.

4. Study the course-ware again prior to the exam and make sure you fully understand the material.

5. Complete the exam with a passing grade of 70% or higher in order to receive your certificate of completion and special thank you gift.


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