User Data Policy: We store your company’s name, address, telephone number, network architecture diagrams and the e-mail addresses, cell phone numbers and the names of your employees in order to identify and authenticate them when they contact us. We do not share this information with any external entities. This data is available only to our internal staff who are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

Telemetry Data:  The servers, workstations and devices within your network may send technical data to our NOC/SOC which is subsequently analyzed and used to proactively predict and remediate bottlenecks, potential hardware failures and to detect and defend potential security threats. We do not share, disclose, or mine telemetry data or use it for any purpose other than what is stated here.

General Data Privacy: We do not intentionally collect, store or share any other information about you for any purpose other than what is stated here. Our technicians are strictly prohibited from asking you for personal or private information such as credit card numbers, birth dates and/or passwords. Please do not volunteer to give them any private/sensitive information, it is not necessary for troubleshooting purposes.

Call Monitoring: We monitor support calls and/or remote connect sessions for training and quality assurance purposes.

Remote PC Control: Access to your computer is not arbitrary. If one of our technicians needs to connect to your computer to solve a problem, you will be required to grant him/her access via an approval button. Once the technician has finished and the remote session has been closed, your computer will no longer be accessible to us. Your computer will notify you when it’s being accessed as well as when the remote session ends.

Please do not contact the help desk prior to leaving for lunch or at the end of the day as our internal policies prohibit our help desk technicians from accessing unattended computers. NOC/SOC administrators may log in to unattended desktops and servers or perform automated background tasks such as maintenance, upgrades and updates, however, they access devices using their own log-in accounts.

Staff Policy: We require our staff to have an incident-free police record at the time of employment and periodically screen for law offending incidents.

Ethics Policy: Both our clients and our staff are prohibited from behaving in a socially unacceptable manner. Behavior such as rudeness, foul language, racial and/or discriminatory epithets are not permitted. We periodically monitor our phone lines, chat sessions and on-line postings for ethics violations
Hours of Operation: Office and help desk support hours are posted on our contact page. If you have an emergency during non-business hours, please text the emergency support number that was provided with your welcome letter.

Support Contact Policy: To contact us for support, please call our help desk at (305) 433-6663 and press option 1 or email helpdesk -@- You can also open and monitor the progress of a ticket by visiting our ticketing system on-line.

Plan Change Policy: Maintenance plans are priced according to the number of devices on your network. The monthly charge may change if devices are added or removed, however the monthly charge may not fall below the minimum threshold of $500.00 per month.  

Payment Policies: Invoices are generated at the beginning of each calendar month and payments are due 30 days after the invoice date. We may refuse service to clients that have past due invoices. Unpaid invoices over 60 days past the invoice date may trigger account closure and collections proceedings.  A 20% collection fee will be assessed to invoices collected through a collections agency. Closed accounts are subject to prepayment terms and an on boarding/reinstatement fee in order to continue using our managed services.

Security Policies: We ask that you abide by our cybersecurity best practices policies which are derived from NIST and intended to prevent security breaches, data theft and data loss. You may opt out by signing a liability waiver. For a list of our baseline and recommended best practice policies, see our security policies section.

Warranty: Falcon IT Services will not warranty any equipment purchased from us that fails as a result of physical damage or negligence.

Leasing: Leased products must be paid for or returned to Falcon IT Services upon termination of agreement and/or account closure. 

Open Source:  A suite of productivity tools and applications are bundled pro bono with our managed service plans. In order to maintain these applications free of charge, they are are offered as-is, licensed under Open Source standards, and hosted in-house.

What is Included With Your Managed Service Plan?

Unlimited Help Desk Support: You can contact support by phone, e-mail or Web ticket submission. Our help desk support staff are readily available and calls are typically answered within one minute’s time. Over 99.9% of issues are resolved quickly via remote access. Our technical support staff are fluent in both English and Spanish, perfect for supporting organizations in South Florida.

Unlimited On-Site Support: Unlimited on-site support includes a 4 hour on-site SLA (excludes moves/changes). On-site service calls related to moves/changes are billed at our standard hourly service rate. In order to reduce/avoid on-site charges, we ask that organizations create a written policy prohibiting employees from modifying, disconnecting or relocating IT assets without contacting the help desk first.

Cloud Support: We offer a suite of open source Web applications within our private cloud environment and also support 3rd party public and private cloud services such as Azure, Google, Microsoft 365 and others.

SOC/NOC Monitoring: Telemetry is sent to our SOC (security operations center) from our next generation EDR/XDR anti-virus and security suite as well as from our unified threat management gateways and IDS/IPS systems. The data is analyzed and actions are proactively taken and/or policies updated to reflect changes in external/internal security threats or user behaviors that may affect security or reliability. Issues such as bottlenecks, potential hardware failures, failed login attempts, network scans and other security alerts are acted upon proactively, thereby greatly increasing the reliability and security of your organization’s network.

Cybersecurity Awareness: After years of hardening perimeter defenses, employees have become the primary target of hackers utilizing social engineering, phishing and a variety of other initial penetration techniques. Yearly on-site cybersecurity training and quarterly on-line trainings are provided as a means to advance security consciousness and reduce workplace cyber crime incidents.

Virtual CIO: A vCIO serves as an organization’s external chief information officer, advising clients on technology such as IT roadmaps, budgeting, best practices and vendor relations.

What is Not Included With Your Managed Service Plan?

Software: Certain software products  (antivirus, spam filtering and backup software) are included with our maintenance plans. These products/licenses will expire and cease to function upon termination of service agreement and/or account closure. All other software purchases, leases and/or licenses are the fiscal responsibility of the client. 

Applications & Training:  The help desk does not provide computer or application training. While we often assist users in these facets, it is at the discretion of Falcon IT Services. Users are expected to have basic computer skills and the knowledge necessary to operate their computers and applications in order to carry out their daily job functions. 

Projects & Infrastructure:  Infrastructure changes and build-outs such as structured cabling, drilling, tunneling and other forms of construction as well as significant changes to applications, network & server architecture are excluded. The cost of these services are billable on an hourly rate or as a project fee.

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