While IT security focuses on protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical business assets, IT compliance is centered around the requirements set forth by a third party entity such as government (FISMA), security frameworks (HIPAA) or a client’s contractual terms (PCI-DSS, ISO).

IT security is practiced for its own sake, not as a result of 3rd party oversight. It’s driven by the needs to protect an organization and is continuously maintained and improved. Compliance on the other hand, is mandated and involves simply checking off the right boxes until the 3rd party entity is satisfied. For that reason, managing IT security with the sole purpose of being compliant is a fallacy and falls short of creating proper security controls. Smart business are able to check off the right boxes because they have good security in place, not the other way around.

Falcon IT Services can help your business meet its compliance and IT security needs through a comprehensive, holistic approach that includes in-depth defense, layered security systems, Behavior Analysis and Loss Prevention and user awareness training.

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