Perimeter systems have become hardened after years of security patching as a direct result of increased scrutiny. Hackers no longer see the perimeter as low lying fruit and have turned their attention to softer targetscorporate end users.

Employees are the primary targets of cyber criminals looking to penetrate critical business systems. They pose as authorized members of a company (social engineering) or send emails (phishing) mimicking alerts we commonly receive.

Wire transfer fraud is one of the most common types of lucrative scams that exploit naiveté. Hackers monitor compromised email accounts and interpose right when a financial transaction is about to occur. Disguised as the recipient, they request a last minute change of the bank account and ABA numbers. Many seasoned financial staff have fallen victim to this deception. Unaware of the dangers, end users reuse passwords, fall for phishing scams, log into work from infected/untrusted computers and use information easily found on social media as account recovery mechanisms. These actions are often carried out as a result of poor cybersecurity knowledge. To top it all, hackers use artificial intelligence and automated software programs to gather information about their intended targets before launching a multidirectional attack that is difficult to fight with traditional security tools.

Awareness training is one of the least costly and most formidable weapons in the fight against cyber crime. Implementing a cybersecurity training program can reduce the likelihood of a breach and help avoid financial losses while satisfying clients, shareholders and insurers.

Falcon IT Services managed service plans include yearly, onsite cybersecurity awareness training. In addition, virtual classroom trainings are provided quarterly via distance learning. The trainings are intended to advance cybersecurity awareness and create a security conscious corporate culture.

Cybercrime Awareness

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