Perimeter systems have been hardened after years of security patching, a direct result of increased scrutiny. Hackers no longer view the perimeter as low-hanging fruit and have shifted their attention to softer targets—corporate end users.

Employees are the primary targets of cyber criminals seeking to infiltrate critical business systems. They impersonate authorized members of a company (social engineering) or send emails (phishing) that mimic common alerts we receive.

For this reason, Falcon IT Services offers comprehensive cybersecurity training to our clients. Our training is a courseware program designed to provide users with comprehensive cybersecurity training in three major areas of cybercrime: physical security, phishing, and social engineering.

Rather than a simple check-the-box training to satisfy insurance and regulatory requirements, our courseware program tests employees, assesses their level of cyber awareness, and makes additional recommendations based on a holistic approach. In addition, our SOC and help desk support staff are tightly integrated into the process and help identify users lacking in cyber awareness skills.

The result is a program that assesses your personnel and guides them until they have gained the cyber awareness skills necessary to become a strong link in the cybersecurity chain. This not only ensures compliance, but also fosters a security culture and minimizes your organization’s cybersecurity risk.


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