If you receive a statement in the mail from DNS Services or others like them, beware! These companies sent false/misleading statements in order to ‘slam’ your domain registration. When you open the letter, it looks like an invoice or a statement for a balance due however this is not true. It’s merely an attempt to make it look that way in order to get people to pay money for services that they have not used. Below is a sample statement:


If you have not paid for a Private Registration, or if we do not manage your domain, your web address, contact information and the date your domain expires are all public information. Domain slammers get this information and send out notices by postal mail or email.

Beware the “Urgent Renewal Notice”

Like Most Scams, Scam Domain Registrations use Urgency in Language Like “Urgent” and “Failure to Complete.”

The slammer makes it appear that they are your existing registrar (the company that registered your domain) and that they are routinely asking you to renew your domain. Scam domain name renewals will almost always include language that “technically” identifies the notification as a solicitation. Typically the word “solicitation” or “offer” is somewhere in the communication which most likely protects them from legal action.

As per Wikipedia, here are some known slammers:

Domain Name Registry of America

DNS Services

Internet Registry of Canada

Internet Registry of Europe

Brandon Gray Internet Services

If you receive a notice from these companies, please call our help desk for assistance before taking action.

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