What should you look for in an IT services company?

Choosing an IT services company in Miami can be a difficult job. There are many to choose from and prices greatly vary. Here are some quick tips to make sure you make the right choice:

Make sure that the IT services company you choose has experience and know how. Technicians should have college degrees in computer science and/or certifications in the IT field.

The longer the company has been in business the better, since most companies that close do so in the first few years. Changing IT companies is challenging so don’t be afraid to ask for copies of business references, occupational licenses and a certificate of insurance to find the more mature IT service companies.

On-line reviews can be bought, so don’t guide yourself by them. Dig deep and look for negative feedback and on-line complaints that challenge an IT service company’s reputation before you choose.

When you interview a managed IT services company, they should be asking a lot of questions and trying to understand your organization. This is a sign that they will adapt to your needs, not vice-versa.

Find an IT services company that offers a holistic and proactive approach to IT health. Break/fix hourly IT service companies cost less in the short term, but there are many risks and intangible costs to be considered.

Ask the IT services company if they outsource their help desk or any other part of their support. Familiarity and trust are paramount to IT management and security, and outsourcing means handing control to an IT company that in turn hands it over to a large, outsourced third party call center.

Don’t partner with an IT service company that charges by the hour. One of the biggest benefits of partnering with an IT services company is that your IT spending is controlled and predictable. IT service companies who charge flat fees for defined services benefit themselves by doing work right the first time—and by preventing problems from reoccurring.

Look for IT services companies that have experience in your field and with the systems and applications that your organization uses. Ask for client references with similar business needs and make sure to follow up.

Falcon IT Services is a Miami based IT services company that has been providing managed services, help desk support and IT security to small and mid-sized businesses since 2002. Contact us today for a complimentary interview and to learn how we can help your organization work smarter and grow faster.

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