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The FBI recently reported that Ransomware attacks that propagate indiscriminately have 'sharply declined', however losses from Ransomware have increased.

The cause of this is that threat actors have stopped sending out mass mailings with attached ransomware. They have instead turned to targeted attacks. The main areas of interest for ransomware attackers has recently been: health care, industrial, transportation and government.

Attackers have been very successful sending out mass mail campaigns and monetizing malware by encrypting documents and photographs on personal computers. They are now targeting large businesses where payouts can reach millions of dollars instead of the hundreds of dollars that home users are willing to pay for their photos.

Targeted attacks are very dangerous because attackers perform reconnaissance on their targets. Emails are often signed by people that the recipient knows and have a look and feel of authenticity.

The more information you post on your Web site and on social media, the more information that is available for reconnaissance. For example: if your corporate Web site displays the names and email address of your executive staff, this is valuable information that an attacker can use.

Please be extremely suspicious and vigilant, even if an email has a sense of familiarity. When you receive an unexpected or out of context email, call the sender to verify its authenticity. As always, schedule our free, yearly on-site cybersecurity training which is available to your entire staff.

FBI Cybersecurity Report:

Falcon IT On-Line CyberSecurity Training Video:


As Dorian appears to be coming ashore with Category 3-4 winds, we ask that you take proper precaution to protect your computer infrastructure:


  1. Please ask your employees to turn off their computers, monitors and battery backups UPS (in that order). Once they are off, unplug the UPS from the wall. Place everything underneath each desk for protection against roof leaks or chunks of the drop ceiling which may become waterlogged and break off. Raise the equipment about a foot, if possible, to prevent floor-flood water damage. If you cannot place the equipment underneath your desk, cover it with a plastic bag to prevent roof leak water damage.

  2. Unplug all printers and cover them with a garbage bag or plastic cover to prevent water damage from roof leaks.

  3. It is imperative that the equipment be unplugged from the wall outlet. This will prevent electrical damage that may arise out of fluctuating power during and after the storm. In addition, covered equipment may overheat and/or become a fire hazard if power is restored and the equipment turns back on.

  4. If you are not going to have any office staff working this weekend, it is recommended to shut down all server room equipment and unplug the server room uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This can be done remotely but someone needs to be on-site to unplug the UPS. If you wish to shut down the server room equipment, please contact Noel at our helpdesk for scheduling. We will be available until 9:00pm tonight for server room shutdown. Note: If you omit server the room shutdown, the servers will automatically begin a shutdown sequence when the power fails. But since the UPS will remain plugged in, there is a possibility that excessive overvoltage or excessive switching can damage the UPS.

  5. If you do not use off-site backup, there is a NAS device that contains your company's backup data. Please remove the device and its power supply and take it, or store it, in a separate, secure location. Please be very careful transporting the NAS, it contains hard disk drives and it is sensitive to bumps, drops and other excessive G-Forces. The NAS will look like a small black or while computer box, and show: Synology, Seagate or Buffalo as the brand. Call the helpdesk if you need help identifying it.
  6. If you are located in your own building, and have access to the building's main power and/or electrical circuit box, you can avoid having to unplug all the equipment from the wall outlets. After shutting down the computers and UPS', shut off the circuit breakers or shut down main power to the building.
  7. When electricity is restored after the storm, don't turn your power back on right away. Wait until the electricity in your area is stable. If you have lived through a hurricane before, you know that electricity can turn on and off again multiple times while FPL is restoring power. This fluctuation can damage equipment due to surges and spikes.

For more information about weather preparedness, visit our video tutorial:

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