clip_image003The Metaverse is a new immersive and life-altering technological feat that is currently being developed. This brand-new advancement will alter our day to day lives drastically, allowing us to take actions and observe our surroundings in a way we never have previously. Before I get into the specifics of the Metaverse, I recognize that many of you will not be familiar with the Metaverse and its capabilities.

According to Matthew Ball, an author and avid activist for the Metaverse and its capabilities, the Metaverse is “an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations that support continuity of identity, objects, history, payments, and entitlements, and can be experienced synchronously by an effectively unlimited number of users, each with an individual sense of presence.” In layman’s terms, the Metaverse is simply a 3D rendering of real-world spaces in which you can explore and interact with this simulated environment from the comfort of your living room. For those of you who have seen or read Ready Player One, the Metaverse is essentially the Oasis system in which they are centered.

Like all revolutionary technological advancements, the Metaverse is a double-edged sword. With all of the good the Metaverse can bring into our world, it also has the possibility of bringing to the human race. The main upside of the development of the Metaverse is the sheer diversity it would have. The Metaverse would allow us to make new medicinal discoveries without having to use real test subjects, allow us to visit and interact face-to-face (or as close as we can get to it) with people from all around the globe, revolutionize the gaming industry, as well as countless other features to be discovered.

Despite all of the medical advancements and how far the technology used in the medical industry has come, through the Metaverse doctors and researchers will be able to run simulated tests without the need for human trials. Think about the pandemic we have and are currently at war with. Through the advancements the Metaverse would bring, we would have been able to administer vaccines to simulated patients with all different types of disease, without the risk of possible illness or death. This is just one of the various applications the Metaverse would have. Tired of trekking to department stores just to try on clothes or to test out appliances? The Metaverse has got you covered. Do you wish you could play your favorite video games in a 3D and realistic setting? The Metaverse can help you out with that also.

clip_image006These upsides to the use and development of the Metaverse all seem like a godsent gift, but the consequences that may result from use of the Metaverse can be catastrophic. While there are no proven consequences that will result from use of the Metaverse, the negative possibilities are endless. For starters, the simple thought of a virtual world in which many of us would be able to become and act in whatever manner we would like is extremely frightening to many. In a research study conducted by Loup, a well-known Metaverse research team and investment firm, around 30% of participants were said to be scared of the Metaverse and what it can bring to the table. Another frightening set of responses from this study is that many believe that we “will become incapable of living in the real world because they’ll spend too much time in the virtual one.” as well as that “People will lose that true physical connection, people’s ability to cope with real-world issues/problems and their social skills may deteriorate, can lead to physical inactivity which can lead to poor health, could lead to people escaping from their real-world responsibilities and duties.” All of these opinions are extremely valid and reasonable possibilities as to the consequences the Metaverse can bring.

Overall, the technology the Metaverse can bring is revolutionary and life changing. The ability to simulate the very world we live in is drastically going to improve or impair our lives. The choice is up to us and how we use this technology.

To get a preview of Microsoft’s upcoming VR Metaverse, search ‘ALT Space VR’ on You Tube. ALT Space VR is a virtual reality platform that works with Oculus VR headset and was recently acquired by Microsoft.

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