When you connect to a VPN server, the VPN adapter can become the gateway for either all traffic, or only for the traffic that is destined for the remote VPN network. There are pluses and minuses.

If the VPN adapter becomes the gateway for all traffic, an IT manager can better manage VPN traffic and increase security. One of these benefits is that users do not browse insecure or inappropriate networks while connected to the corporate VPN. The drawback is high surfing latency and increased traffic over the VPN tunnel. In addition, if the VPN server is not configure correctly using RRAS, when users connect to the VPN, they cannot surf the Web.

If the VPN adapter in not the gateway for all traffic, speed is increased; all non-corporate VPN traffic is routed through the user’s home router. This however removed the possibility of better managing VPN user’s surfing habits while they are connected to the VPN.

By default, the Windows VPN client is set to pass all traffic through the VPN adapter. In cases where VPN servers do not route Internet traffic for VPN users correctly, this causes users to lose their ability to surf the Web while connected to the VPN. The settings can be changed easily by following the instructions below:

Go to control panel –> network and sharing center. Click on change adapter settings and locate the VPN adapter.


Right click on the VPN adapter and select properties. When the VPN connection window appears, click on the properties button.


In the VPN properties windows, click on the networking tab, highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 and click on the properties button. When the TCP/IP V4 general settings window appears, click on the advanced button. Finally, remove the checkmark from the use default gateway on remote network option. Click OK several times until you are back to the VPN connection window.


Connect to the VPN as you normally would. The only traffic now traversing the VPN tunnel is the traffic that is destined for the remote VPN network.

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