I have recently received calls asking about domainnetworks.com and whether it’s legitimate or not following what appear as bills received via the US postal service. Although it may look like a registrar’s invoice, it’s actually a ‘listing service’ solicitation offer. In other words, they charge to list your business on their Web site (which is badly ranked). They have nothing to do with your domain name’s renewal, your DNS or any of your Internet services.

In all fairness to them, they do state that it’s a solicitation, albeit in the smaller text. Other words such as “Web Site Domain Listing” “Marketing Services” and “Subscription Includes” are in large bold letters in an apparent attempt to deceive people who don’t read past bold text or bullet points.

This brings me to my second point: Why would anybody pay so much to have their Web site listed with a listing service that at the time of this writing, was ranked in 3.6 millionth place in popularity? Consider that Google (ranked first place), Bing, Yahoo, YELP and other more popular Web listing services will give you a listing for FREE.


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