Event 1023 Error: Name Resolution Policy Table has Been Corrupted. DNS Resolution will Fail Until it is Fixed

If you are having trouble joining a PC to a domain and the event log shows the above error, it could be caused by anti-virus software.


In our case, the PC in question has be shelved for several months then reconnected back to the LAN. Naturally, the relationship trust was broken so it was placed in a workgroup. When we tried to re-join the domain, it failed with the following error:

Event ID Error 4097 The machine PCNAME attempted to join the domain domain.local but failed. The error code was 1332.

The issue was fixed after uninstalling the anti-virus which had been un-licensed having been disconnected for such a long time and was causing problems via DNS proxy. After uninstalling the anti-virus software, the PC joined the domain without any problems.

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