While large corporations answer to their shareholders, we answer to you: our stakeholders. Each year, we commit to increasing the benefits we provide our clients over the previous year. During the pandemic/inflationary period years, we understood that our clients faced many challenges, including rising costs across the board. In light of these challenges, we used efficiency and growth to offset our own rising costs to avoid price increases. We believe that it is important to provide stability and affordability for our clients during difficult times.

During this period, we introduced several new products that are inclusive to our managed plans. These products were developed with the goal of providing additional value to our clients and helping them to navigate the challenges of the modern work-from-home office; you know them as Falcon Cloud. Today, I announce that we have extended these products to include a pre-packaged all-in-one server that can reside in a client’s premise or data center private cloud.

The server is a pre-packaged cornucopia of open-source productivity apps that allow browser-based remote work and collaboration. It’s like having your own cloud-based Dropbox, Office365, Google Workspace, accounting/ERP, project management and video conference applications.

We have also added new training courses to our curriculum. These courses will focus on assisting business owners and managers with tasks such as creating good cyber security policies as well as in training employees on how to use some of our open source, previously mentioned applications. Our cyber training course attendees will now be tracked via a database so that we can validate employees who have taken the course for insurance or regulatory requirement purposes or for business owners that wish to ensure that all their employees are abiding by organizational training policies.

In addition to introducing new products, we have also maintained a culture of continually improving ourselves and bettering our service offerings. We believe that it is important to stay ahead of industry trends and to consistently deliver the highest level of service to our clients. We have invested in the training and development of our employees, and we have implemented new processes and technologies to streamline our operations and improve efficiency.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that we have recently moved our assets to a state-of-the-art data center. This move will not only provide increased reliability for our own operations, but it will also allow us to offer low cost, sub-leased co-location space for clients who wish to utilize their own private cloud. We believe that this new offering will be a valuable resource for our clients and we are excited to be able to provide it.

Thank you again for your ongoing support. We look forward to continuing to work together and to building a bright future in 2023.

Miguel Fra

Falcon IT Services, Inc.

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