In the days before digital technology, analog copy machines did not store data. Today’s large copy machines however, are sophisticated computing, scanning and printing devices that store large volumes of data. When you copy or scan a document, it’s first saved to the machine’s hard drive for storage before it’s printed.

Copy machine hard drives can store hundreds of thousands of pages over the course of many years. Since most copy machines are leased, they are often used by multiple entities before being dismantled or sold at auction.

While many organization are keenly aware and prevent their computers and desktop PC’s from ending up on E-Bay along with their data, copy machines are often overlooked.

When you lease a copy machine, the contract should contain an option to have the hard drive wiped by the leaser, or (if you are not the trusting type) allowing you to keep the hard drive altogether. These options should be considered for the sake of privacy and data protection.

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