The DFS replication service stopped replication on the replicated folder at local path c:\xxxxx

Error: 9098 (A tombstoned content set deletion has been scheduled)

Below is a quick fix to get your DFS folder replicating again. It involves re-initializing replication on the affected folder so there are considerations.

If the folder that is not replicating has not been replicating for a long time, you may have many files which may have been changed on multiple replicating partners and will cause conflict.  For this reason, you should identify the server that contains the most updated file versions and designate it as authorative. Once replication begins, those files will copy to the replicating partners.

If your scenario is simple, such as one-way replication scenario frequently used for off-site DR, then you do not need to worry about files having been changed in multiple servers while replication was not working.

To begin, open the DFS Management Console and remove the replication group by right clicking on it and selecting delete.


Select: Delete the replication group and remove the replicated folder from the namespace.


Once this has been done, rename the replication folders on all the replicating members with the .bak or .old extension. Note: You may have to wait up to 15 minutes in order for DFS-R to allow you to rename the folders.

Create new folders on all the replicating members and configure a new replication group as you normally would.


Once replication has been configured, wait a few minutes and then add a test file or folder to make sure that it replicates across all member servers.


Before adding your content to the folders, make sure that you set your staging quota to allow enough space for the amount of data that will be replicated.


From the member server that is authorative (the one that has the most updated set of files), copy and paste the data from the old folder to the new folder.


Once all of the data has been moved over, you can delete the old folder on the authorative server. Note: It may be a good idea to leave the old folders in the non-authorative member servers intact in case there are some files that are not up to date. You will likely find the newer versions of these files in one of the member servers.

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