This Friday September 9th, 2022 we will conduct our Fall 2022 Cyber Security Awareness training. Unfortunately, this announcement arrives in the wake of a bad weekend for cyber security professionals. Over Labor Day weekend, the Los Angeles school district (the nation’s 2nd largest school district) was the victim of a cyber crime.

Although the details are still scarce (at the time of this writing), it appears that a ransomware attack was perpetrated against the school district’s IT assets. This marks the 26th school district hacked this year in addition to 24 colleges and universities, according to NPR news.

Intercontinental Hotels, which operates 17 hotel brands and over 6,000 hotels around the world, were also victims of a cyber attack over Labor Day weekend. According to The Register, the hack has taken down their on-line booking and reservation information systems.

One of the least costly and most effective ways to prevent cyber crime is through employee awareness training. Training is a cornerstone of any good cyber security program.  As a managed IT service provider, we do our best to protect our clients, but your employees are important stakeholders in cyber security and have a hand in keeping your organization safe.

Please require your staff to attend our FREE cyber security awareness seminar presented this Friday via distance learning. Our cyber security awareness training seminars feature interactive learning, Q&A’s and a special gift package and certificate of completion will be awarded to those who attend and pass the final quiz.

Please make time to attend an ask your staff to do so as well.


This Friday, September 9th, 2022
10:00 am for English speakers
2:00 pm for Spanish speakers


Connect using a computer with speakers by clicking on the URL below 5 minutes before start time.


Everyone is welcome to attend but only our client’s employees are eligible for the gift and certificate of completion.

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