I am often asked about Florida sales tax on Managed IT Services. While Florida does not charge sales tax on services at this time (as long as there are no tangible products included), according to Jeanette Moffa of Moffa, Sutton & Donnini, P.A.

“Florida uniquely and broadly imposes sales tax on service warranties. So while the software and other new technologies and services may be exempt, the maintenance of them, regardless of whether such contracts include parts, is taxable in the state of Florida.”

For additional details, see statute 12A-1.105

A maintenance contract covering the cost of labor only to repair or maintain computer hardware is a service warranty.


  1. Andrew


    Hi, starting an IT Service company in Florida. Do i need to include Tax in my invoice for work and services provided?

    • Reply

      Hi Andrew and thanks for posting. Generally speaking, IT work that does not involve tangible goods are non-taxable, while jobs that do involve tangible goods are taxable. There are nuances and exceptions so my suggestion is for you to research the tax laws and contact your accountant, CPA and/or FDOR Taxpayer Assistance at (850)488-6800 to have a conversation about the subject.

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