This year, our cybersecurity program has been modified. As before, it’s primary goal is to ensure that your personnel reach an acceptable level of cyber-hygiene in order to protect your organization and its clients. The main difference is that we will now track and report the progress of each participant, and our courseware will be available on-line, in pre-recorded videos.
The program is now open for employee enrollment. Details are available in the link below:
1. Your employees can enroll in the program and we will track their progress, ensuring that they reach an acceptable level of cyber awareness through training.
2. Our helpdesk and SOC staff will be integrated into the program, reporting users with risky cyber behaviors.
3. Rather than live, long training sessions, the program has been split into 6, 30 minute pre-recorded videos that your employees can view at their leisure.
4. A 30 minute, proctored on-line exam will be available bi-annually.
5. Employees that pass the exam, will receive a certificate of completion and gift of appreciation.

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